I’ve got one idea to help you get more business this year. Lots of new agents have heard and know that you can get paid for referrals, so you want to maintain your sphere, whether they’re local or not because you can always connect your friend or family member to an agent in their area that can help them.

Along those same lines, did you know that over 40 real estate companies make this their goal? For seasoned agents, it’s not always an exciting strategy, as they may have to give away 25% to 43% of a commission. However, some see it as a commission they wouldn’t have had anyway.

“It’s a strategy to connect to new buyers and sellers and build your sphere. ”

It’s a way to connect to new buyers and sellers and build your sphere. Most of my top agents get their business from past clients and their sphere of influence. One way to build that is to expand your sphere by tapping into other people’s businesses. Click on the link, and I will send you a list of the 20 top referral companies you can partner with this year to work with fresh buyers and sellers.

One of the reasons I love referral companies is because it’s their out-of-pocket cost—they’re out there investing in Google AdWords and all of the things that you might not have money as a new agent to invest in upfront. You only pay these companies at the close of escrow with the successful closing. There’s a lot of art and nuance to working with these leads, and we can talk about that again in the future.

If you want to get your hands on this list of referral companies, call or email me. Let me get it to you, so I can help you grow your business this year.