Here are the six apps every agent should have in 2020:

1. Zillow Premier Agent. This app is a great way to track leads, whether you pay Zillow for them or not. You can also use this app to update your Zillow profile, request reviews from past clients, and manage your all-around Zillow image. Whether you love or hate Zillow, this is an important app to have. 

2. Dropbox. This isn’t necessarily the safest way to store files, and you certainly don’t want to keep clients’ private information on this app, but I absolutely love it regardless. I have Dropbox on my phone, iPad, both laptops, and desktop computer. It lets me drag and drop files and access, sign, and save them from my phone.

3. Zoom. Zoom has always been an important app in the real estate industry, but it’s become practically essential in 2020. Whether you’re hosting a Zoom meeting or attending someone else’s, it’s good to have this app on your phone and be prepared. It’s also a great way to host buyer and seller consultations without having to meet in person. 

“Every agent absolutely must have these six apps in 2020.”

4. IntroLend. This is an app eXp agents can use to kickstart a deal before going home shopping with their buyer. Once you get a prospect, you enter their information into it, hit the “fast start” button, and it starts pre-qualifying your buyer. After that, they can choose which bank to use. You can also attach your favorite lender(s). 

5. Forewarn (or any background-checking app). Forewarn can investigate any prospects before you connect IRL, but it’s also a great way to get a cursory idea of who you’re dealing with, especially if that person isn’t a personal referral. Lots of MLS organizations and Realtor boards provide this app as a service to their members. Just remember in order to stay compliant with fair housing laws and ensure that you are not violating them make sure if this is part of your process it becomes part of your process for everyone. They do track who you search for, so if you’re ever investigated this information could be used to show you are or are not compliant with fair housing laws. 

6. Savvy House Hunting. This is my favorite new app of 2020, as it’s been a total game-changer. It helps you set up a private portal for your clients where you can take them on virtual walk-throughs of homes (with the listing agent’s permission). If they need to narrow down their selection, or are purchasing sight-unseen, this app is a great way to keep everything organized and secure. 

If you have questions about these apps or there’s anything else I can assist you with, leave a comment below or give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you soon!