There are many necessary things to take into consideration when going on a listing appointment. I’m sharing three tips to dazzle sellers during your listing presentation:

1. Be prepared. Have a professional presentation; whether you print this out on high-quality paper or make it digital, you need to show sellers what you’ll do differently to get their home sold. Demonstrate this through providing examples of your previous listings, pictures, virtual tours, advertising, postcards, etc. Show them everything you do for your sellers.

2. Know the area. Make sure you’ve run the numbers on the area and neighborhood that morning so you can provide specific data about how many houses are on the market in their area and price range, and explain how this data is used to decide the value of their property. Position yourself as their neighborhood expert. 

“Show sellers what you’ll do differently to get their home sold.”

3. Set the groundwork. When you get to the appointment, walk around the house alone and take a look at it. When you sit down with the sellers, tell them you have three key questions: Do they absolutely have to sell their home? Do they want to list their house at a price that will help it sell? Do they want to list the home with you? 

If they say they do want to list with you, the next thing to discuss is price. If they say they still want to interview other real estate agents, that’s when you show them your presentation. 

Good luck with your listing presentations! Please reach out via phone or email if you have any questions about these tips or real estate in general. I would love to help you.