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Free Real Estate Agent Training Newsletter

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We launched in Iowa in March of 2018 and by December 12 agents had sold 85 total homes. This year, our 66 active agents have sold 505 homes.

That’s plenty of business to go around for all of us.

The same training they get will help you do it as well.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what we’re up to here, and you’d like to stay current on the latest strategies to:

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Here’s what a few agents say about our free training:

"Holly gives 100% of herself to her agents. Her patience and knowledge are on fleek." - Sandi Lyn Burnett, Quad Cities, eXp Realty

"Holly has timely and effective communication skills. She is quick to find a solution for any issue brought to her attention. I value her commitment to our team and going the extra mile (literally) to celebrate our successes." - Kate Howard, eXp Realty Iowa, Quad Cities

"Holly is a huge asset to have in my corner whenever I need her. Anytime I run into situations were I need help on a deal or have questions about a transaction she’s quick to answer or find the answer. eXp Realty gives us a cloud based office that gives our company instant access to tools to run our business, anywhere! Through the cloud, we are all connected without having a physical location!" - Katelyn "Katie" Christiansen, eXp Realty Iowa, Ankeny

Most importantly, everything you receive is designed to start a conversation. So, if you have any questions about selling real estate you can email me at

I’ll first answer your question by email, and if I think it would be of benefit to more people, I’ll answer it in a video.

We look forward to staying in touch. Let’s raise the standard and training of all real estate agents in Iowa.

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