What do you keep in your car so you’re always ready when something happens while you’re out on a showing? There are many great tools to keep on hand, but if you’re just getting started in real estate, there are a few big things I recommend that you keep handy in your car. 

The first important item I suggest bringing with you is a tape measure. I use a traditional one that is 25 feet long. This is helpful in case a client has a question about whether or not a king-sized bed will fit in the bedroom and things like that.

“You need to be ready for a variety of issues during showings.”

You can also bring a digital laser tape measure, which automatically measures the distance from one wall to the other. This can be difficult to use, so make sure to practice using it beforehand in your home. 

Perhaps the most important tool to keep with you, however, is a multi-tool. I have one that has a flashlight, pliers, a knife, and more. The most valuable piece is the screwdriver, which can be very useful in a pinch. 

The last item I will mention today is keeping an ozone spray with you. This isn’t meant to deceive anyone, but there are times when you will need it during a showing. You need to be able to fight against odors if necessary. 

For more ideas on what to keep in your real estate toolbox, check out my Amazon store. If you have any questions, you can call or email me anytime, and I would be happy to help you!